Caperna Farms | Welcome

Welcome to the website for Caperna Farms, a small family farm owned and operated by the Jallo family in Arizona.  We are still in the early stages of building the farm and cultivating our plants.  We are focusing on tree crops, particularly mesquite and pomegranates.  Mesquite flour is becoming  a popular substitute for wheat, and mesquite trees grow like weeds here in the desert.  Pomegranates have always been popular fruit trees in the Phoenix area.  We are experimenting with other crops and hope to have a wide variety, but are still figuring out the hard way what does well in our harsh climate. 

We have 8 acres in Harquahala Valley, and 19 acres near Tonopah where we are also building our house.  The trees are still small and won't produce for years to come, but when our crops are ready for market we will be sure to include an online store at this website.  In fact, our plan is to sell most or all of our products directly online.  This model is a new opportunity for small family farms like ours to remain profitable (and for people to buy fresh, local, quality food that they can trust).  I expect this will become quite common in the future.

Our land is not connected to grid power, so we have a few alternative energy projects - both out of necessity and interest.  This website is a chronicle of some of our projects, thanks for visiting.